June 24, 2015

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It's summer, and some days I don't even know what day it is!  Since I very rarely let go and not really worry about things like that, it is actually nice once in a while to look at my calendar have to actually figure out what day of the week it is.  Today is one of those days.

I have had this post ready to go with pictures since Sunday night, but just haven't gotten around to writing until now, ahem, Wednesday!  Eek!

This weekend we had a blast celebrating our friend Caleb's first birthday and hanging out at "Aunt Susie's" pool.  I don't know if Everett has ever been so tired in his life after a party and 3+ hours of jumping in and out of the pool.  He was absolutely spent!

The birthday boy!

Happy 1st Birthday, Caleb!

Cupcake face.

So, E hasn't had any formal swim lessons...yet (we are actually getting ready to sign him up), but he loves the water and loves to kick and jump in and out of the pool.  He's a maniac and doesn't ever seem to get tired, it's exhausting just to watch!

Our friend Susie has a gorgeous, salt water pool that we had a blast in Saturday night.  We braved a quick storm, ate and then were right back in the water (Everett included!).

He even ventured up to the "big" jump and didn't even hesitate.  I was pretty impressed.


On Sunday, to celebrate Father's Day, we had big plans to get up and out of the house early and head to Wekiva Springs for some more water fun.  Well, the best laid plans.  We ended up leaving a little later than we wanted to and the part was already full with a line of cars coming out of the entrance by 9:30am.  Bummer.

So, instead, we headed to Winter Garden for some morning splash pad fun and then a beer stop for Mike at the new Plant Street Market.

Cheers, dad!

Check out this flashback from last year's Father's Day toast:

This week we are still on our summer schedule and finally pinned down our travel dates to go to North and South Carolina to visit family and friends (yay!).  It might be meltingly (<--- not a word, but I like it) hot outside, but we have some yummy dinners going on inside!

M:  Meatball Subs w/ Chopped Salad
T:  Pulled Pork (leftovers) Baked Potatoes with Broccoli
W:  Lasagna and Apple Crisp
Th:  Brinner - Egg and Sausage Bisquick Casserole
F:  Cheesy Chicken, Rice and Broccoli Casserole
Sa:  French Dip Paninis w/ Corn on the Cob
Su:  Chicken and Dumplings w/ Roasted Carrots

Have a great week!

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