April 28, 2015

Menu Tuesday

What a week!  There are sooo many fun things to report on that happened last week; from being featured on a local news story, to finding out the gender of our new little one to revealing it with my class, to planning the new nursery.  So.much.fun.

I plan on doing a few specialized posts about all of the above, but until then, here are a few snippets:

Thursday I was featured on a Channel 6 story about making your own skin care products at home.  More info to follow on this, but I had a blast with Tara, the producer, as she and a camera crew came to our house and taped me playing around with food.  What more could a girl ask for?  I loved it!

Friday was the big targeted ultrasound that we have all been so excited for the day to finally arrive.  My mom came down (she had never seen an ultrasound before) and we found out first thing in the morning what our new little nugget is.  If you haven't heard, here's a hint...

Later in the day I had a gender reveal party with my 1st graders where Mike also found out the gender.  He was quite surprised!  More details on that to follow as well.

As for this week, we are still basking in and coming to grips with the thought of having a girl and enjoying this crazy, fun and blessed ride we are on.  

Happy eating!

M: Turkey Cranberry Panini w/ Fresh Fruit and Chips
T:  Pot Roast Baked Potatoes w/ Carrots and Mushrooms
W:  Pasta e Fagioli
Th:  Chicken Tetrazzini w/ Roasted Corn on the Cob
F:  Palatka
Sa:  Palatka
Su:  Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Have a great week!

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