April 13, 2015

Menu Monday

Wow!  What a difference a week makes!  Last Saturday morning we were bundled up hunting Easter eggs in 30 degree weather and this weekend we were at the beach with temps reaching close to 90!  Everett enjoyed both equally; as long as he's outside, he's a happy camper no matter what the event or temperature!

We almost didn't make the trip over to the beach however, after seeing all of the news reports.  There was supposed to be a high chance of rain in the afternoon along the coast, but as with most of our weekends, we took a chance and had a perfect (beach) day!

We had sun and clouds, but no rain until the drive home.  I'm so glad we headed to New Smyrna after all.  E and his buddy Carson had a blast playing in the sand and stepping in and out of water pails all.day.long. 

This trip included two new must haves for the rest of our beach days with the little ones:  a bucket with built-in water hose like this one (shown above) and a bubble machine!  Grandma Pam got Everett this one for Easter and it is amazing!  I have a feeling we will be using this all summer long.

Bubbles of course, are always fun, especially in huge quantities, but the bucket with water hose was awesome for rinsing off sandy toddler bodies, adult feet and dirty beach items right before getting in the car to go home.  This version also comes with tons of sand toys as well.  Double score.

E had his first "buried in the sand" experience and loved it.  I wasn't sure how he'd do at first, but we started with his feet/legs and then he just kept saying, "more, more, more"!

The water (to me) was still a little chilly, but my two dudes thought it felt great.  Everett really does have his daddy's Wisconsin blood!

Sunday I was feeling a little wishy-washy on the eve of going back to work.  It's so hard to be off for two weeks (yes, we had a two week Easter/Spring Break this year) and then go back to school for the remainder of the year.  Half of the "I like routine and structure" part of me was looking forward to it, but the "I don't want to get up earlier than I have to and be productive" part of me wasn't so happy.

We did get our weekly grocery trip in on Sunday morning and then made and delivered a Happy Housewarming Gift of Coffee Cake Muffins, Baked Ziti and Pasta e Fagiole to our friends Jill and Ryan who just moved in to a gorgeous new house near Winter Garden.  All in all, it was a relaxing last day of vacay before the alarm went off nice and early this morning!

Somebody was pretty excited to see his girlfriend!

This week's schedule is back to "normal" (whatever that actually means) with one night this week taking us downtown for the IOA Corporate 5K.  Mike is running for the City of Orlando while E and I will be cheering him on, and many of our other friends as well.  Everett actually gets to stay out past his bedtime, which is usually one of my weeknight pet peeves.  I'm sure he will love it!

Here's what's cooking this week:

M:  Chicken Pesto Paninis w/ Chips
T:  Stir Fry Veggies over Baked Potatoes
W:  Steak Kebabs over Yellow Rice
Th: IOA Corporate 5K - Downtown Orlando
F:  Crock Pot Ribs
Sa:  Stuffed Peppers
Su: Baked Spaghetti w/ Ricotta and Chopped Salad

Have a great week!

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