December 19, 2014

Toddler Gift Guide

I get asked all the time, “What are you getting Everett for Christmas?”.  And all the time I just keep thinking, “What in the world do you get for a little miniature crazy person who likes one thing one minute and then something totally different the next?” 

The teacher side of me is always looking at items from an educational standpoint, and the organized part of me is always looking at the “how much space will that take up and where are we going to put it” side.  It’s a tough balance, but I think this year we have some winner gifts coming on the 25th.  Hopefully E agrees!

Personalized Name Puzzle – Everett loves to learn and he loves letters.  He’s really great at picking out an E and saying “E, Everett” so I thought a personalized name puzzle would be a fun and tactile way to learn all of the other letters in that family name of his.  Gransie was excited to get it for him and I know he will love it for years to come.


Step 2 Little Helper’s Grocery Cart – I decided a few months ago that with a mom that calls herself Grocery Lane, how could our little dude not have his own grocery cart!  He loves pushing anything and has played with other cart versions various places, so I know this will be a fave.  A friend of mine got this version on Black Friday for half price and it even came with play food.  Score!


IKEA Toy Hammering Block – Boys (especially mine) love anything they can bang on.  Period.


Black & Decker Junior Toys – E played with his buddy Palmer’s toy tools a while back and loved that he could push buttons and make noises (don’t all toddlers!?!).  When Grandma Pam asked what she could get E, we were so excited to help her shop for a few things for his tool belt!


Mr. Potato Head – Grandma Pam also splurged for E’s first Mr. Potato Head.  This takes me back to my childhood and I can’t wait to play with it (with Everett, of course Smile).

potato head

IKEA Play Furniture – We haven’t purchased any of these for him yet, but they are definitely on my radar.  I love the look, the price and the durability.  Maybe next Christmas?

duktig-work-bench__0108763_PE258445_S4ikea play kitchen

And now on to my favorite part of Christmas morning…the stockings!  Here are a few last minute toddler stocking stuffer ideas if you need some inspiration:

Health and Hygiene – What toddler doesn’t love Flinstones Vitamins and Thomas the Train Tooth Brush/Toothpaste.  I know mine does!

NEW_Thomas Training Toothpaste_group-lg

Matchy-Matchy – I fell in LOVE with these matching father/son socks from Pair of Thieves.  I found them at Target on Black Friday and can’t wait to see my two guys in them.


Fine Motor Activities – Lock and Key along with rolls of coins to put in a piggy bank = hours of business that is beneficial to fine motor development/problem solving.  Mom for the win.


Cling, clang – Noise, noise and more noise is I’m sure what we will have on our hands once E gets ahold os his new train whistle and harmonica.  He’s really getting into music and trains, so I think he will find these quite comical (as will we).


Artsy, Fartsy – Everett visits his mini desk that we set up for him (it was mine from my childhood) at least once a day, so rounded tip markers and play-doh were a must on my list and I’m sure will end up being some of his favorites.


Food finds – I can’t rave enough about Dippy Cups.  I found them at Once Upon a Child and we use them everyday for some type of dipping (syrup, peanut butter, ketchup, ranch).  They are perfect size and super easy to clean (silicone). 

Dippy-Cups (1)

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