November 13, 2013

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Whew.  So, I knew the whole “being a new mom thing” would be tough, and tiring, and utterly awesome; but I have to say that the whole  “working full time new mom thing” is rocking my world.

But really, who am I kidding.  If I were working part time, or no time away from home I would be just as exhausted because being a mom in our out of the home is hard work.  But again, who am I kidding, it’s not just moms that work hard, dads do too.  So I have officially surrendered to admitting that I am currently being beaten (and I hate to lose).  In a nutshell being a parent is hard work and in another nutshell that is the main reason that my Monday post is going live on Wednesday night.  Welcome to my reality at the moment.

Sorry for the delay.  So, without further ado, here it is: 


Weekend Highlights:

 My mom was in town this weekend and couldn’t get enough of this little guy.  He’s such a mess and so much fun. He’s army crawling everywhere and pulling up on EVERYTHING.  He just got tooth #7 and can’t stop chewing on anything– mainly his poor fingers (so I know there are more teeth close behind).  He pulled himself up on his crib at daycare yesterday for the first time and has quite a few goose eggs to show for it.  He’s definitely a wildly curious and determined little guy.




We had a lot of bath time and playtime this weekend. Mike had a fishing date on Saturday while Gransie and I were out and about shopping.  When we were home E was moving all over the place and even crawled out of his pants!  It was hilarious.



Saturday night after E went down, Mike and I headed out for our anniversary.  Mike planned this year’s events and I loved it all.  We started off by grabbing 4 Rivers takeout.  Sooo good.



Then we made our way to Lakeland to the Silver Moon Drive In Theatre for a night of movies under the stars!  We had been before, and I was so excited to go again.  We arrived for the 9:10 movie (Dispicable Me 2) and also stayed for the 11pm movie (Bad Grandpa).  It’s so fun to turn the back of our SUV into a bed and watch a movie out in the open.  Of course, our pallet was so comfy that I was in and out of sleep the whole time.  It was so relaxing and so fun to be with my #1 guy.



Celebrating 3 years!


On Sunday, Everett got to hang out with his #1 lady, Kennedy, at our friends’ daughter’s 2nd birthday.  He had a blast and they were SO CUTE together.  We can’t wait to see them grow up together!


Kennedy (8 months) and E (9 months).


Tuesday night a bunch of us met up to celebrate my friend Noelle’s birthday.  We started at All Fired Up for some pottery painting and then took the party to our other friend’s house with some Thai takeout and cupcakes.  It was so much fun to be with such amazing ladies!


And that brings us to today…chilly weather means adorable sweaters!  I absolutely love bundling E up and couldn’t get enough of him in this outfit today (tomorrow’s outfit might just be even cuter – stay tuned!)





As for this week (since it is half way over) here is our menu plan:


M: Sausage w/ Peppers and Onions with Yellow Rice

T:  Ladies’ Night for Noelle’s Birthday

W:  Stuffing w/ Dippy Eggs and Roasted Carrots

Th:  Chicken n’ Dumpling Soup

F:  Steak Salad

Sa:  Tuna Sandwiches w/ Chips and Fruit Salad

Su: Leftovers

Have a great week!

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