November 18, 2013

Menu Monday


Happy Monday everybody!



So, I will say that watching your baby figure out how to do things for the first time is amazing.  I will also tell you that mobility is a game changer. 

Everett is pulling up, standing and crawling (still army) everywhere…and he’s so fast!  Baby proofing our house is happening as we speak; as well as introducing him to the word “No”.  He doesn’t like it so far.  LOL.




Standing, pulling up and moving everywhere!




Mess pot.


After hanging around the house for most of the day Saturday, we headed to…you guessed it…watch football!  Everett’s buddy Nathaniel was there and they played the day away.



“Playing” with his buddy Nathaniel. (E-9 mo. N-7 mo.)



More standing…and hanging with Aunt Lynnie.


I also tried a new dessert recipe – an amazingly yummy cookie cake.  I will blog the recipe later this week – but trust me when I say it was DELISH and SO EASY.  I will make this one again and again (and so much more efficient than making actual cookies).



My original plan was to decorate the cake with all four of our favorite teams (of the people at the party)…except when I started decorating I could only remember 3 and couldn’t figure out what team I was missing.  Until Mike says, ummm, did you forget one?  Oops…sorry to my Wisco friends (he thinks I secretly did it since the Badgers recently beat the Gators)…I really honestly just forgot.  So, we turned it into an SEC cake!



After a morning run and a family nap, we headed out for more football – this time to watch the Packer game with our friends Rick and Chrissey and their daughter Jayda.




E was exhausted and was up past his bedtime (not my favorite thing), but we will do anything for the Packers – too bad they couldn’t pull out a W.




Tuckered out.


As for this week – more of the same as we get ready to welcome Grandma Pam from Wisconsin one week from today!  We can’t wait to see her, and I know she can’t wait to see E!


Here’s our menu plan-

M:  Tuna Sandwiches w/ Chips and Apples

T:  Meatball Subs w/ Roasted Green Beans

W:  Pulled Pork w/ Corn on the Cob

Th:  Steak Salad w/ Carmalized Onions

F:  Pork Quesadillas w/ Refried Beans and Chopped Salad

Sa: Grilled Split Chicken Breasts w/ Grilled Veggies and Mexican Rice

Su:  Tomato Pesto Pizza


PS-  Please say an extra prayer for my mom’s dog Hurley.  He was attacked this weekend by some other (much bigger) dogs and is in pretty bad shape.  He’s the sweetest, most precious dog in the whole world and, although still considered in critical condition, is holding his own.  He is around 11 years old, has a heart murmur and has even had ACL surgery, but he’s not giving up without a fight. 

After going through emergency surgery on Saturday to save his life, he’s now sitting up, wagging his tail and even eating and drinking.  The vet is still concerned as to whether or not he will have function in his legs since they were pretty badly mangled, but we’re holding out hope.  Please keep Hurley and my mom in your prayers!


E wasn’t so sure about H the first time they met (3 months old)…


but by 7 months, E thought Hurley was hilarious!

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