October 7, 2013

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Weekend Highlights:


Saturday was all about Gator football!  We headed to Gainesville Saturday morning and met up with our friends Jenny and Jeremy for some tailgating and E’s first trip to Gainesville.

I was so excited to be in my hometown and couldn’t wait to walk around campus.  There is just something about Gainesville on a football Saturday that I love.  It takes me back to my childhood and the fun that I used to have not only going to every.single.home.football.game since I was nine, but every other sporting event on campus.  To say I bleed orange and blue is an understatement!




It was so fun to see Everett all decked out in Gator colors tailgating like a champ.  Luckily we got a great spot and had lots of shade (and of course we had to represent Green Bay, too!).




Everett didn’t get much nap time in on Saturday, but the back of our SUV worked out great when he did.  It served as a portable pack n’ play!




After heading back to Jeremy’s apartment to actually watch the game (this was the first time I traveled to G’ville and didn’t go to the game; sniff, sniff), Everett went down without a peep.  He’s usually an awesome sleeper, however on this trip he apparently didn’t get he memo about sleeping in a little bit later Sunday morning. 

He was up at 5am and was ready to rock and roll.  He usually has a 7am wake up call on the weekends, but Saturday and Sunday he was up muuuuuch earlier.  I somewhat attribute it to his 6th tooth that is trying to come in…he’s a teething maniac!

So, since he was up and the rest of the house was sleeping I decided to take him to go explore Gainesville a bit before we headed out for the rest of the day’s planned activities.  We left around 6:15 am and took off to explore my old stomping grounds.  We explored my old neighborhood and I showed him the house I grew up in.  It was still dark outside at that point, but it was still great to visit.

We rode around downtown as well and just as the sun started to come up we made our first stop:  Starbucks!



He obviously didn’t need any caffeine!


After a sip or too of my Cinnamon Dolce Latte, we headed to campus!  I must say that although Sunday morning are DEAD around campus (especially after a night game), it was the absolute best time to take pictures!  Everett and I were the only ones walking around – other than the cleanup crews and a few early morning runners (overachievers).

At each stop we discussed where we were and what relevance each stop had.  I told him that although Wisconsin is a great school, instate tuition would be much more affordable, so therefore UF would be the more logical choice.  Not to mention there is no snow to contend with…ever (That’s what happens when dad sleeps in and mom gets to take E exploring college campuses! Score!).

Based on the pictures below, I think UF might be his first choice!



Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field



Albert and Alberta (outside of the Alumni Center)



Bull Gator Statue – this was definitely his favorite.



He loved “patting” him on the back!



More of my favorite.



Happy Gator(s)!

I will say that I had a BLAST reliving my childhood with E on our morning tour of campus, but don’t worry, he’ll get his proper tour of UW Madison at Christmas just to be fair Winking smile.


After heading back to the apartment, eating breakfast and putting the little guy down for a nap, we packed up and got ready for the last stop before our trip home:  exploring Paynes Prairie! We saw so much wildlife and TONS of big gators.  It was awesome!






It wore somebody out!


After our tour of the prairie, we parted ways and headed back home.  After contemplating stopping to catch the Packers game, we opted to keep driving, which was a good call.  We watched the game when we got home and all just chilled out for a bit…until we remembered that we had a 5 mile training run.  Ugh.  It was a rough one, but we did it.  The best thing about running is the feeling you get when you’re finished!

As for this week, it’s another busy one.  Mike has his annual sampling event which means crazy work hours all week and I have a math conference Friday and Saturday (sounds fun, huh!?!).  Along with our training runs, we also have a (family) date night for some sushi on Thursday and I.can’t.wait.  Spicy tuna is calling my name!

Here’s our plan-

M:  Creamy Veggie Pasta

T:  Taco Salad

W:  Turkey Cranberry Paninis

Th:  Sushi Night!

F:  Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry w/ Fried Rice

Sa:  Chicken Parmesan

Su:  Pasta e Fagiole


Have a great week!



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