October 15, 2013

Menu Monday (Tuesday)


Weekend Highlights:

Sick, sick and more sick.  Ugh.  This weekend was one for the record books…the wrong record books.  I can honestly say that I have never been as sick as I was Saturday night…maybe ever.  I can also say that labor and delivery were both a more pleasant experience than the experience I had Saturday night/Sunday morning.  And.that.is.not.a.lie.  Sick I tell you.

I spent Saturday day at a math workshop (that was continued from Friday) while the boys spent the day hanging out.  My friend Lynn and her dog Reef came over later that day for some football watching and burger eating. 



E was channeling his inner “Ron Burgundy”.  He can’t wait for the new Anchorman to come out!


Everything seemed normal…until around 10:30 and then whatever sickness “it” was happened.  I won’t bore (or gross you out) with the details, but luckily I felt good enough on Sunday to at least open my eyes…but that was about it.  I was wiped out.  Thank goodness Mike was still well enough to take care of E while I kept recouping because I couldn’t do much of anything… except watch the Packers win!



“These football games take for-ev-er.”


I decided that since I was still down and out that I needed to take the day off Monday, which was a good call.  And, as I was sleeping Monday morning (we took Everett to daycare so he wasn’t around the sickness and I could rest) I get a text from Mike that says he’s on his way home…he had gotten the crud, too.  Ugh.

Well, he came home and we both rested until it was time to go pick up the little guy.  Thank goodness I was feeling better and was able to take care of E while Mike was battling the sickness last night.  Lord help us if we both had it – we most definitely would have had to call in reinforcements.  It was that bad.

Anywho, Mike stayed home today for another day of rest and then I got the call at 1:30 that Everett was not acting like his normal self and was running a low fever.  Ick.  Mike went to pick him up and he came home and took a 2+ hour nap before we woke up him to go for a run.  Hopefully it’s just teething, but if not, let’s hope he gets over it fast.  Poor little thing.



I must say, I feel the same way when somebody wakes me up from a nap…

Luckily we had smiles before bedtime!



As for this week, we are trying to get our strength up for this weekend’s SAVAGE RACE in Tampa.  We are doing it with 3 of our other friends and although we will most likely be dead by the end of it, we’re super excited to see what this crazy race is all about.  The organizers refer to it as “The Race Built to Kick Your A$$”.  I’m sure in my case it will not disappoint!  See below for just a glimpse of what we paid good money to do…I know, idiots…



(Photos by Mac Stone)


As far as food – here’s our plan (luckily we can keep it down now!)

M:  Pesto and Tomato Pizza

T:  Broccoli and Cheese Baked Potatoes w/ Brown Gravy

W:  Pasta e Fagiole

Th:  Apricot Pork Chops w/ Veggie Cous Cous

F:  Pressed Paninis w/ Tomato Soup

Sa:  Chicken Parmesan w/ Spaghetti and Broccoli

Su:  Grilled Steak and Mushrooms w/ Creamy Wild Rice Soup



On a side note, many of you might remember following the story of my dear friends Noelle and Tim on their journey with the birth and loss of their baby girl, Finley. 

In honor of them and in remembrance of Finley, please keep Noelle and Tim, and all others who have lost precious angels,  in your hearts on this day, October 15, which is recognized as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. 

Please hug your babies tight and never take for granted how lucky you truly are to have them in your arms.


We love you and miss you every day sweet girl!




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