September 10, 2013

Menu Monday/Tuesday/Almost Wednesday


I guess a Tuesday night post for a Monday blog is better late than never.  Ugh.  Sorry guys – hopefully I will be back on track (with more than one post a week) soon.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!  Back to school + 7 month old = busy!

Weekend Recap:

Although our pre-gaming efforts didn’t really work (gross Gator game), we had a great weekend watching football and hanging with friends!


Photo: "Pre-gaming" isn't quite the same as it used to be!  #gogators #gatornation #inallkindsofweather


E got to hang out with his girlfriend, Kennedy and they even had their first “pool” party!  His other buddy Nathanial was also there – they were so cute “playing” together!


Photo: Gameday love. ❤ #everettandkennedy @jfrancoforte7 @mlalexander6181 @rfrancoforte

Photo: Scrub a dub dub love. ❤




There was also a lot of tail grabbing (poor Reef!), backpack riding, and playtime this weekend!


EJA - Month 736


Our weekend culminated with E getting to wear his new Green Bay Packer game day bibs (although this effort didn’t bode well either).


5Photo: Go, Pack, Go!  #shoutit #gamedayshopping #gopack


This week, already almost half way over, seems a bit back to normal.  Just busy as usual.  Lots of family birthdays and our last weekend before starting our next project – another half marathon…training starts Monday!  Eek!

Here’s our menu-

M:  Meatball Subs w/ Chopped Salad

T:  Pressed Sandwiches w/ Tomato Soup

W:  Greek Stuffed Baked Potatoes w/ Green Peppers and Onions with Tzatsiki

Th:  Chicken Marsala w/ Pasta and Broccoli

F:  Shredded Beef Tacos

Sa:  Mexican Pizza

Su:  Brinner – Pumpkin Pancakes w/ Eggs and Sausage



Have a great week!

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