September 16, 2013

Menu Monday


Weekend Highlights:

SURPRISE!!!  Friday afternoon, right after work the three of us loaded the car and took off to surprise my mom for her birthday.  Mike and I knew that seeing Everett on her birthday would be the best gift we could give her (she thought she wouldn’t see him for a few weeks) and we wanted it to be a surprise!

Earlier in the week I texted my Aunt Janie to tell her about our plan and she was totally in.  She let Nana know and we were all so excited.


My mom was out and about for most of the day getting her staples taken out (she had total hip replacement two weeks ago) and then out to dinner for her birthday with my Nana (who was in on the plan).  When they got home around 7:15 we had Everett propped up in a chair so that he would be the first thing she saw. 

Well, it worked!  She was SO SURPRISED and he even was making waving movements as she walked in the door (as I was singing Happy Birthday from behind the chair).   



Beautiful sunset on a beautiful birthday – Friday the 13th never looked so good!




We spent he night and ended up playing for most of the day Saturday.  Everett loves Gransie’s sink and her dog, Hurley.






We headed back to Orlando around midday and then straight to our friends house to watch some football.  Did I mention I love football season!?!

Everett was a champ again going down in the Pack n Play while we had some adult funsies – I think he likes to be on the go as much as we do!



Pardon the bed head (me), I was having too much fun playing dress up with E to fix my hair!


We spent all day yesterday out and about after a few naptimes for the little and big guys!  We had a lot on our errand list since we are getting ready for our trip to Wisconsin this week!  Mike is in a wedding this coming weekend (Everett was getting his formal wear ready – see above) and we are so excited for a mini vacay!




After running errands, we ended up at a local bar/restaurant to watch the Packers beat up on the Redskins followed by our weekend grocery trip.



It was a busy weekend for this busy body! 

Here’s our short menu plan for this week before we are busy chowing down on cheese curds this weekend!


M:  Shredded Beef Mexican Pizza

T:  Tetrazzini w/ Garlicky Broccoli

W:  Chopped Taco Salad






PS- Marathon training starts today!  Yikes!

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