August 13, 2013

Menu Monday


Hi all, I guess it’s not Menu Monday anymore when it’s already Tuesday!  This past weekend was a bit of a blur since I have been getting ready for the new school year (and Mike was out of town for the weekend).  Thank goodness my mom was down to lend a few extra hands.  Yesterday was “Meet Your Teacher” and today marks the start of my 11th year. How in the heck did that happen???

Here are a few weekend highlights:


Happy wakeups.



Missing Mike.



Missing us – but having a great time.






More peas.



Playing peek-a-boo.



Taking the nurses treats while visiting Sweet Finley.


Aaaannnnddd, two new developments that happened this weekend:



Chillin’ in a grocery cart for the first time – he loved it.



Sitting up (straight) all by himself!  So big!


As for this week – it’s all about surviving the first week of school with a visit from Grandpa T and Vicky this weekend.  As for food, here’s our plan:


M:  Chicken Pesto Pizza

T:  Baked Ziti

W:  Chicken Chopped Salad

Th:  Hot Dogs w/ Sweet Potato Fries and Fresh Fruit

F:  Pot Roast Baked Potatoes

Sa:  Brinner – Pancake Tacos w/ Chocolate Banana Smoothies

Su:  French Dip Pitas w/ Broccoli

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