November 28, 2012

Memory Lane


My how things have changed!  As Mike and I were cleaning out our attic a couple of weekends ago he found a box full of old newspapers, certificates and this little gem:  The Rollins College 2000 Volleyball Program.




I started laughing immediately and couldn’t wait to share it with some of my old teammates which are still some of my very best friends.

Well, last night I had the chance.  Our friend and teammate Noelle (Rollins ‘03) aka NoMo was in town and with our friend and teammate Kamrin (Rollins ‘04) we all met up with her (along with our hubbys) for dinner and a walk down memory lane.

We decided to really make our night nostalgic by eating at “Beans” aka The Cornell Campus Center or plainly, the Rollins Cafeteria.  Just walking in it felt like old times!






The food was just as expensive, but really quite good.  We all commented on how easy we once had it.  Nutritious, ready to eat meals on a pre-paid meal card that just got swiped.  No shopping, cooking or cleaning up after meals.  We had no idea how lucky we were!




We all got a chuckle out of the Meal Plan Average Balance card posted on the cash registers…we ALWAYS ran out of money before the end of the semester and had to beg our other teammates to pay for our meals with their remaining balances!




After eating at Beans we headed out and about reminiscing the whole time and laughing hysterically at our ridiculous hair-dos, crushes and stories while in college. 

We stopped by the Olin Library (which was packed) for some coffee, since of course, they just opened a 24 hour cafĂ©.  They surely didn’t have that when we were there, if so we probably would have studied there instead of Panera or Starbucks! 


Kam and NoMo in the Olin Library Pillow Room – yes it’s still there!



Posing with Ben.



Knowles Memorial Chapel at night – one of my favorite views on campus.


After our library pit stop we headed over to our freshman dorm, Ward Hall.  We waited outside until somebody with an access card came up and then convinced them to let us in.  The dorm was totally renovated a couple of years ago and we wanted to check it out.



Kam even found her old room!

All was well until we got caught by the R.A.…oops.  We were promptly asked to leave the building which we did with a few giggles on the way out.  So funny to be over 30, pregnant and getting kicked out of a college dorm.  Priceless.

Apparently he didn’t know that I still had my R-card (circa 1999).



Our last stop was the Harold and Ted Alfond Sports Center aka “the gym”; where so many of our hours were spent practicing and playing volleyball during our four year stint.




The front desk greeters were much more pleasant than Mr. R.A. (who in all fairness was just doing his job) and loved that we flashed our 2000 Volleyball Program.  They promptly let us in to explore and relive our glory days.



Where the magic happened.  Literally blood, sweat and tears.



Scholarship wall – yeah Kam!



All in all, a great night with great girls.  There is just something about our team and our bond that is second to none.  I wouldn’t trade our Rollins years for anything in the world.  For those of you who couldn’t join us, believe me you were there in spirit!!!

Stick Tars Stick!

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