December 20, 2012

Gifts Galore–Revisited


Hi all!  I hope this re-post finds you well rested and ready for vacation…because I am in the middle of totally stressing out between work, shopping, Drs. appointments and packing for Wisconsin!  This week has been beyond busy and isn’t over yet.  Therefore, I thought I would repost last year’s gift giving guide in case you were at a loss for that last minute gift idea. 

On the bright side…only one more day of work after today and then a sigh of relief, a Christmas party and time with the fam; whew!  Have a good one!


Original Post: December 2011


When looking for gifts to give during the holiday season, I usually try to find something unique yet useful and that has a special meaning to the person of whom I am giving. 

Here are some fun one of a kind ideas that I  have found mainly on (my new addiction) and my other favorite These are great sites to browse gift ideas for others, or to find something special for yourself as well.

Other fun websites with original gift ideas are: and



Monogrammed Scarf/Pashmina  -


Monogrammed Door "Wreath"  - Pinned on, but similar one found here



LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag, always a winner –


Fun Jewelry Ideas:

State Necklace –


For the Sports lover:


Tervis Tumbler


Game Day Pillows -


Vintage Collegiate Calendar - Click here for website


For the kitchen lover:

Funky Apron -

Matryoshkas inspired Measuring Cups By Fred and Friends found here


Handmade Coffee Scoop -

State Love:

State Prints -


State Pillow -


State hooks -

For the world traveler:

Passport Cover –


Prints from favorite destinations – 



Leather Luggage Tags –


DIY Gift Ideas:

Design Your Own Mug  - Tutorial here


Framed Scrabble Letter Art:  great for messages or names – click here


Love Notes found here


Just plain cute:

 “Our First Place” Key Ornament – inspiration found here


“Where We’re From” –



Flavor Savor Mustache Clips, so funny! –


For Kids:


Vintage Shadow Puppet Poster -


Batter Finger by: Fred and Friends from here




Mrs. Food Face Plate –




Search for key words/interests of whom you are buying on shopping websites or even Google images to get ideas (usually the images will link directly to the website).

Searchable categories: 



-hometown, state

-special places (cities where people got married, graduated from college, retired, etc.)

- types of pets

- favorite sports teams

- special interests

Knowing where to look is half the battle.  If you search for something and don’t like the selection on a website of that item, but like the style, search the website a little bit more.  There are many hidden gems that I have found accidently just by exploring a website further.  Don’t be afraid to use the search button on each website you visit as well.

For the crafty gift giver, DIY gifts are also a popular choice in my eyes, since it means so much more if you took the time to make a gift, rather than purchase premade.  Time permitting of course! 

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

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