December 10, 2011

Fish Food


Fish food for us…



and for the fish…




Luckily, the fish were eating more than we were!


Mike’s boss, Andy, was nice enough to take us fishing this morning on Lake Monroe near Sanford.  We brought homemade Egg McMuffins and he brought the minnows.  Little did I know that the chilly morning would turn into a fishing extravaganza!




Andy is a bona fide fisherman with an awesome boat, and an even better license plate.  It always makes me laugh.




We ended up catching a total of 22 fish, with most of them weighing around 1.5 lbs, which is pretty big for the fish du jour, Crappies.




Mike and I had four lines, all with bobbers, out between the two of us and Andy had four lines to himself each with two hooks.  Talk about multi-tasking, it was quite impressive.




It got a little crazy when three out of the four lines of ours would have fish on them at one time.  Lines crossed and fish flopping - I would definitely describe it as organized chaos.  So fun! 





My fear of touching the fish definitely disappeared today.  Before the morning was over, I was baiting the hooks with minnows, grabbing the fish from the net and even reaching in and getting the hooks out.






It was definitely a great day with great company. 






Now for a nap, and then on to the next part…eek!




Fish recipes coming soon! 

Have a great weekend!

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