December 6, 2011

Break the “rules”

Let me first start with a disclaimer – I am in no way, shape or form a fashion-ista, but wanted to let you know that sometimes it is okay to break, or bend, some of the unwritten fashion rules.  Coming from a teacher, who has a rule for everything, that is a big deal. 

Growing up, I always thought that you could not wear black and brown together.  I believed that you couldn’t mix or match them and that it was always one or the other, until now.


The black and brown color combination actually makes some of the most interesting and striking fashion statements and are actually very complimentary. 

Remember, according to Stacey and Clinton of TLC’s What Not To Wear, everything doesn’t have to match, it just has to go together.  I think this combo goes pretty well!
Take a risk, try something new and break the rules.  Have fun!

PS- It looks pretty dark, but my boots are brown in this picture as well as my belt.

  • Chilly outside?  Add a denim jean jacket/blazer on top or a colorful scarf to make your outfit even more interesting.
  • Too much black?  Try a pair of skinny denim jeans instead.

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