November 18, 2019

Menu Monday

Happy Monday everyone!  We had a blast of a weekend and are gearing up for all of the holiday festivities to start.  It is so exciting to be living in a climate that lends itself to bundling up, sipping coffee and listening to Christmas music even before Thanksgiving!

Here's a peek at our weekend and what's on tap for this week.

I will say that it has been so nice to have a friend nearby.  Friends nearby are wonderful any way you slice it, but especially when you move somewhere new.  

We met my friend Leigh (she's the one who gave me the recipe for my quiche that always turns out right) and her family for breakfast in Belmont on Saturday.  Belmont is about 20 minutes from us and has the cutest downtown - think Main Street, America.  Adorable.


Leigh and I had tickets to go to a Pop Up Boutique near by at the Stowe Manor mansion, but met for breakfast with the whole gang beforehand.  We ate at Cherubs Cafe and it was awesome.  Cherubs Cafe, along with the Cotton Candy Factory right next door are associated with the Holy Angels Mission.  

The Holy Angels mission is to provide compassionate, dependable care and opportunities for high quality living to those with intellectual disabilities.  Living, loving and learning for the differently able.  A portion of the proceeds goes right back into the mission and we are always happy to support them.

After breakfast the kiddos and dads played football and then treated themselves to some hand spun cotton candy while we were at the pop up.  It was a hit!

Saturday night was a lot of football watching which is always my favorite thing to do, especially when it's a bit chilly outside!

Sunday found us doing our normal routine of Mass, Faith Formation for E, raking leaves and grocery pick-up.  However in the afternoon we made the decision to start the playroom remodel.  We have painted the room, but besides that it's just been sitting empty.  With the holidays approaching, we decided we needed to get going.

The playroom will have two white Havsta bookcases from IKEA that will act as built-ins with a long two person desk for the kids in the middle.  We will also have two reading chairs by the window with some fun accent curtains.  Below is a mock-up, and I will follow up with the final look once it's all put together - hopefully in the next week or so!

My major inspiration from the Nick + Alicia Blog who posted about their modern playroom makeover - this is where it all started:

Photo from Nick + Alicia blog linked here.

I can't wait to keep you all posted on the transformation!

As for this week it's more of the norm.  Boy Scouts, home basketball games for me (as the Athletic Director) and getting ready for Gransie who comes next Monday.

Here's the menu:

Mon. (Cub Scouts) - Brinner:  French Toast Sticks, Eggs and Sausage

Tues. (Basketball) - Hot Dogs, Carrot Sticks and Chips

Wed.- Lasagna Chicken and Broccoli

Thurs. (Basketball) - Chicken Marsala and Green Beans

Fri. - Meatloaf with Roasted Potatoes and Carrots

Sat. - Friendsgiving with The Mays

Sun. - Chicken Teriyaki and Wild Rice

I hope you have lots of snuggles coming your way this week!

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  1. I’ll be down for Friday! Love meatloaf ����. Wish I was closer����