September 6, 2016

Menu Monday, I mean Tuesday!

Good morning and Happy Tuesday!  This weekend was busy and relaxing all in one.  All of our friends were out of town and since our to-do list is a mile long this month, we decided to take time to pack, tackle some DIY projects and watch a lot of football.  Read on to hear more!

Saturday had us packing, packing, packing and watching football!  We have a pretty busy month ahead and were definitely glad to have a 3 day weekend to get a few things done around the house.

Once the clock hit 3:30 it was quittin' time and football took over.  Mike and his little badgers were all decked out and helped pull out the awesome victory over LSU.  I am usually always an SEC supporter, unless they play the badgers.  It was a great game and I had a pretty happy hubby!

Sunday had us at mass (on time might I add) and then headed to Dunkin' Donuts afterwards.  Good manners = sweet treat.  I'm not above a little incentive...I mean I don't go to work for free, right!?!  Anywho, Hilty even had pretty good manners, so it was a win-win for everybody.

Sunday night we headed to the last showing of Disney on Ice at the Amway Center.  We had free tickets (thanks Orlando Moms Blog!) and decided to brave the weather and take in the sights.  We took E last year and he loved it, but we weren't sure how the little lady would do.  She's at the age where her attention span isn't that long and she doesn't like to be contained.  Not a great combo when it's a two hour long show.  

Luckily, we brought a lot of snacks and the sights and sounds had her pretty interested the entire time.  She was a little fidgety at the end, but all in all we had a great time; and of course, Everett loved it even more this time around.


We got stuck in the rain on the way out and since we were wet, already up past bedtimes and had no food at home, we decided to make a dinner stop at Shake Shack.

The food was, as always, delicious and the strawberry shake went over way to well!

No work on Monday meant that we had time to tackle yet another renovation project.  However, this time we didn't have to head to The Inheritance Project, we just stepped out into our garage.

My friend Kamrin had given us their play kitchen a few months back that her kiddos had outgrown.  It is a nice wooden Kid Craft set that Everett, and now Hilty, have fallen in love with.  It is similar to the one shown below, but wasn't very gender neutral.  

I have had the itch for a while to "remodel" the play kitchen, but haven't had time...until this past weekend.  This kitchen will be going in Hilty's room in our new house and I wanted to make it fit in with the other decor she already has and give it an updated feel.

With an inspiration pin and some spray paint, we brought this kitchen back to life and I am SOOOOO excited about it!

Originally I had bought some of the new "Chalky Finish" spray paint that is all the rage right now.  I wanted more of a matte finish and thought that would be the best option.  Well, after seeing that it took about 3 cans to do one (not so great) coat on just one side of the kitchen pieces we took another approach...especially since each can runs about $7.  

Mike ended up finding a paint/primer spray in flat white for around $4 a can and the coverage was so much better...and the finish was just as good as the expensive can!  Score!

I opted for metallic gold paint for all of the accessories for a more modern feel.

We spray painted the original back splash board with the same white paint and then measured out the lines for some faux subway tile.  With a ruler and a sharpie, this back splash looks like a million bucks!

I didn't get a great "before" picture since we kind of just decided on a whim that we would tackle this project this past weekend, but I did find this one to give you the before vibe (this kitchen currently lives in our living room).

...and the finished product!

I plan on adding a cute tea towel to go on the front and maybe a hook for aprons on the side once we are all moved in to the new place...but for now, I couldn't be more excited with the finished product and can't wait to see it in Hilty's new room!

As for this week, we are on overload and have started the race to the finish line so to speak.  We are hosting a small, but not so small, party for our soon-to-be 1 year old on Saturday (and for my mom as well - they are 1 day apart!)  in our house full of boxes and are still up in the air about our Green Bay Packer plans for the weekend.  

They open the season in Jacksonville and at any other point in our lives we would be there at the crack of dawn tailgating our tails off...however with everything else going on we may opt out.  Stay tuned to see what we decided to do!

One constant is eating, so in honor of that, I present to you our weekly menu:

M:  Taco Soup
T:  Steak Salad w/ Balsamic Mushrooms and Onions
W:  Sweet and Sour Chicken w/ Roasted Green Beans
Th:  French Dip Paninis w/ Roasted Carrots
F:  Burgers and (Sweet Potato) Fries
Sa:  Hilty's 1st Birthday Party!
Su:  Packer game?  Actual packing?  Leftovers?

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