February 23, 2016

Menu Monday-ish

Hi there and happy Monday Tuesday!

We had a jam-packed weekend from which we are still trying to recover.  Check out all the details!

Saturday morning we (the kiddos and me) found ourselves at the brand spanking new Whole Foods Market in Altamonte to partake in an Orlando Moms Blog sponsored event called "Eat the Rainbow".  To say that I was blown away by the new market would be an understatement.  I have only been to a few other Whole Foods a handful of times, but I don't ever remember being as impressed as I was on Saturday.

The building was gorgeous, the decor was fresh and cozy and the food was delicious.  Oh, and did I mention the coffee?!?!  So good.  I have always heard about the "hot bars" at Whole Foods and when we found ourselves in need of a to-go lunch we tried it out.

Everett feasted on the mac and cheese while I oped for a salad and a few other bites of shredded beef and roasted veggies.  You pay for your meal by the pound so you can control how much you want to spend.  We will definitely be back, as there are sooooo many yummy things there that I want to try!

After getting our lunch from Whole Foods to go, we headed to Ft. Christmas where Mike was helping with the City of Orlando's Orlando Wetlands Festival.  This free festival has so much to offer and, like always, there were lots of people in attendance.  

Everett loved getting to sit in a helicopter, touch snakes, take a close look at baby alligators and of course, jumping in the bounce house most of all.  Another year, another great festival.

After a good night's sleep (we were all so exhausted) we made it to 7:30 am mass and then made our way to Oak Haven Farms for some good old fashioned strawberry picking.  This farm is adorable and we try to frequent it every year.  The weather was absolutely perfect and the setting is to die for.

We picked about 3 pounds of berries and then opted for a few treats from the snack bar.  Everett got a strawberry sundae while Mike and I shared a delicious strawberry milkshake.  The snack bar also offers hot dogs and skewers that you roast yourself down by the fire pit underneath a gorgeous oak tree.  So fun!

If you are planning on going picking at Oak Haven, be sure to check their hours on their Facebook page and make sure they are not picked out!

This week is shaping up to be another busy one!  We visited Mike at his soccer game last night and are planning to meet up with one of our favorite people, Aunt Susie, for a bike ride on the West Orange Trail on Wednesday afternoon; not to mention helping with a fish fry at my school on Friday, a movie night with friends on Saturday along with getting Grandma Pam from the airport and a visit with Daniel Tiger in Winter Park on Sunday.  Whew.  I am literally exhausted thinking about it, but I must say the love for making new memories outweighs all of those moments of tiredness.  Here's to a great week!

M: Pressed Sandwiches and Tomato Soup
T:  Skinny Creamy Broccoli Pasta
W:  Meatloaf w/ Cauli-mash and Roasted Carrots
Th:  Breakfast Burritos w/ Yogurt Parfaits
F: St. Charles Fish Fry
Sa:  Movie Night with The Tullers
Su:  Crock Pot Lasagna w/ Chopped Salad

Somebody loves her feet!

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