January 25, 2016

Menu Monday

Happy (not as chilly) Monday to you all!  I know I really should not be complaining about a little ice on my windshield, but even all the way down here in sunny Florida it was cold!

On Saturday, we met up with some of our friends for breakfast near Lake Eola and then headed to the annual Touch-a-Truck put on by Trinity Lutheran in Downtown Orlando.  

It is such a fun event that always brings out kiddos in the masses, but this year was overcast, about 45 degrees and drizzly...maybe not the best conditions for an outdoor event. Luckily my mom offered to watch Hilty so she wasn't out in the weather, thanks Gransie! 

We bundled up with all of our "Wisconsin wear" as I call it and made sure we were as warm as we could be.  After staying for about 45 minutes we decided to head back home and start the trek to East Palatka for the rest of the weekend.

We arrived to 39 degree weather and whitecaps on the river!  It really did feel like our wedding weekend (yes, it was that cold and windy), but that didn't keep E off of his favorite bridge.

Hilty with her namesake, Doris Hilty Darden, my Nana, her great grandma.

We had a lot of good family time and woke up to the most gorgeous full moon over the river.  Freezing cold, but gorgeous.

After getting back home we unpacked, watched one of our last days of football for a while (sniff, sniff) and then headed to bed early...yes, before 9 o'clock.  It felt amazing to curl up and get a full night's rest, knowing that once Monday hits, it's go, go, go!

Our menu this week looks a bit like this and sounds delish to me.

M:  Brinner - Western Omelettes w/ Black Beans and Home Fries
T:  Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff w/ Egg Noodles and Broccoli
W:  Chicken Stir Fry w/ Fried (Brown) Rice
Th:  Mexican Pizza
F:  Pasta e Fagiole w/ Chopped Salad
Sa:  Gainesville?  Leftovers?
Su:  Grilled BBQ Chicken w/ Baked Potatoes and Roasted Carrots

What are you eating this week?

Have a spectular day!

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