December 11, 2013

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Weekend recap – it was a busy one!


Friday night: 

My friends and I attended a sweet candlelight vigil for our little angel baby Finley on Friday night with her mommy, Noelle.  It was a beautiful tribute to not only Finley, but all of the other babies who were gone to soon.  We laughed, cried and talked, it was so sad and so beautiful at the same time.  We miss you sweet girl!






Finley’s rose was the red one. <3


After the vigil, we all headed for a girls dinner and carbo-loading to get ready for our race.  We went to Francesco’s in Maitland and it was delish.  Portion sizes were huge, but super tasty!




We were up VERY early to head downtown for the OUC Orlando Half Marathon!  Mike and I, along with 4 of our friends ran the long 13.1 and finished.  Yipppeeee!






Our friend Jenny watched E for us (her husband, Jeremy, finished in 1:31..which for you non racers is SUPER FAST!), so he was at the finish line waiting for us.  Apparently the medals were delish!




Afterwards we enjoyed ice on the knees, chocolate milk and popsicles while we waiting for the guys to bring the car…we were in no shape to walk any more then we had to!

This was our second half marathon and it was just as hard as the first, but just as sweet afterwards.  However, still trying to find my groove after having a baby – this is how I felt…



so true!



After our run and a stop for some post race burgers, we headed to the beach for the rest of the weekend.  Our friend Kate (aka Bueller) was in town from Colorado for a visit as well as the run and requested some sandy fun.  She left –9 degree weather and we were all so excited to head to Cocoa for some rest and relaxation.




The weather was perfect and the sunrise even better. 




We had a blast hanging out with the gang before heading back to Orlando Sunday afternoon.  E even got a Mohawk from Kate (he LOVED Kate!).





E and his buddy Palmer.


We ended the weekend with a visit from my dad and his wife Vicki.  Everett showed them his new tricks and had a good time playing around before his early bedtime (he was a tired cookie).


As for this week – it is totally crazy, along with next.  We fly to Wisconsin next Saturday and the countdown is on to get everything done beforehand!  We also have a visit from Gransie this weekend along with the 4th Annual Thankschristmukkah!


M:  Lasagna Rolls w/ Broccoli

T:  Breakfast Paninis w/ Fruit Salad

W:  Girls’ Night Out @ Shari Sushi Lounge

Th:  Chopped Salad

F:  Pot Roast Baked Potatoes

Sa:  Thankschristmukkah!

Su:  Chili Mac

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