February 15, 2013



I love hearing about new or very functional apps.  I love my iPhone and use it all day long, whether it’s taking notes, keeping track of baby questions for the Dr. or just simply checking out Facebook.

So today I wanted to share some of my favorite apps that I use in my daily life – enjoy!




  • Facebook – self explanatory.  Easy access for updating your profile, posting pictures, or just getting caught up on the day’s FB activities.  I use it all the time, but especially while in the hospital with Everett – it was a great way to touch base quickly!


  • InstagramI love using Instagram to add a different look to an ordinary picture.  This app allows you to change the filter on any picture and upload directly to your Instagram feed as well as Facebook and Twitter.  It kind of makes you feel like a professional photographer for a second.  Fun!


  • My Radar – perfect for a quick look at the radar.


  • Face Dial – This was probably the first app I downloaded on my iPhone.  I needed a way to “speed dial” the two most important numbers (Mike and my mom) on my home screen.  Face Dial allows you to add a picture icon to your homepage and when hit, it dials the number associated with the picture.  I use it everyday!


TIP!:  Instead of downloading apps, just bookmark the homepage of your favorite website.  The ESPN button (on the screen picture above) is just a bookmark that takes me to the NCAA men’s basketball scores on the web.  That way I save my storage for must have apps, while still able to check scores quickly.





  • Urbanspoon Mike and I love to use this app when we are in a different city and looking for somewhere off the beaten path to eat.  This app has steered us into some great locations.  You can chose eateries by location, cuisine, price or what’s open.


  • Trip AdvisorMuch like Urbanspoon, this app is great for finding things to do in a new place.  Trip Advisor can be used for eateries, but is also a wonderful resource when looking for things to do in a new place.  The reviews are very helpful as well – we actually planned much of our Europe trip (hotels) based on Trip Advisor reviews – very helpful!

It’s also fun to check out your own hometown or surrounding areas – there are lots of things to do that you might not be aware of!


  • Flashlight I does just what it says; it’s a flashlight on your phone!  I have also recently downloaded a nightlight option on the iPad which is awesome for nighttime baby watching!


  • Red StampI love this app for making cards.  They offer adorable pre-made templates for all occasions that you can add your own message to, or use their message and just add a picture from your photo gallery.  You can email, upload to Facebook or Instagram, message or print the card when finished.  Here are just some examples:





  • EtsyThis app, much like Pinterest is just a guilty pleasure of mine.  It’s so fun to search all of the handmade/homemade goodies on Etsy when I have a few extra minutes to spare.  This is also a wonderful place for gift ideas!


  • PicstichAn easy way to make a picture collage!  This app takes any of your pictures, allows you to choose your desired collage and then insert them into your design.  Picstitch also has filter options (like Instagram) and fun picture decals.  These can be saved to your camera roll when finished for easy access.  I love using this app, especially when on vacations to share a few pictures at once (see below):




  • Pinterest –great for pinning on the go, or while waiting at the doctor’s office.  I use this app all the time when I have a few extra minutes and all of your new pins will transfer to you web based account.





  • Hobby Lobby – this app is great for the 40% off coupon.  You just show them the code and you save!  Awesome!


  • Evite Most of our friends use Evite as a means of party/event planning.  This app allows you to check the invite list, attending/not attending status for any and all evites you are included in.  I love checking up to see who is coming to what event.


  • Retail Me Notgreat for finding in store or online coupons on the go!  Just type in the store name and tons of coupon saving offers come up – just get the code and save some money!  Love this app and love saving moo-lah!


  • Over by Overgram – this app allows you to add fonts to any pictures, the possibilities are endless (see below)!




Have a great day!

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